calories in 500ml fanta fanta calories 330ml

calories in 500ml fanta

calories in 500ml fanta

Fanta, Pineapple - 12 oz | Coca-Cola Product Facts

1 Serving Per Container Serving Size, 1 Can Amount Per Serving Calories, 180 Daily Value Total Fat 0g, 0 Sodium 50mg, 2 Total Carbohydrates 48g, 16 Total Sugars 48g Protein 0g, Vitamin D, 0 Calcium, 0 Iron, 0 Potassium, 0 Fanta Orange | Nutritional Information

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'people don't realise how much sugar is in Coca-Cola,' admits

29 Nov 2013 But just one 500ml bottle of Coke will send you over this limit, with 10 5 cubes Coca Cola also began airing anti obesity TV ads this year to 'remind' viewers that all calories

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