new-session deployment not recognized install-windowsfeature remote-desktop-services

new-session deployment not recognized

powershell install remote desktop virtualization host

Setting up a new Remote Desktop Services deployment using

1 Oct 2012 A To set the RDS licensing server with Windows Server 2012 Hyper V, you can use the Set RDLicenseConfiguration cmdlet that's part of the RemoteDesktop PowerShell module Set RDLicenseConfiguration LicenseServer savdaldc01 savilltech

  1. install-windowsfeature remote-desktop-services
  2. powershell import-module remote desktop services
  3. powershell install remote desktop services 2012 r2
  4. add-rdserver
  5. new-sessiondeployment
  6. get-rdserver is not recognized
  7. powershell install remote desktop licensing
  8. new-session deployment not recognized

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